Khao Kor Sacrificial Monument

Apart from enjoying the view of Khao Kor, feeling cool air breeze, claimed as "Switzerland of Thailand", there are some tourist's historical attractions.

Khao Kor Sacrificial monument is located at the top of Khao Kor to honour the heroism of civilians, policemen and soliders who sacrificed their lives in the fight to protect the connecting area of the 3 provinces - Phitsanulok, Phetchabun and Loei during 1968 – 1982. It is made of marble in a triangle shape to represents the cooperative mission between the civilians, soldiers, and policemen.


Thep Historical park

Sri Thep Historical park is located at Sri Thep area, near Vichianburi. This is one of the most ancient town where awarded Thailand Tourism Award in 2001. It was named Aphai Sali town, built around a thousand year ago during the Khmer kingdom's prosperity. The area covers about 2,889 Rai, consists of several architectural structures in the historical sites. Open daily 8.30am. - 16.30pm.

Sri Dit Waterfall

Sri Dit Waterfall is a large single-tiered waterfall with water running throughout the year. In the past, it was a stronghold of the Communist party of Thailand. There was still a rice mortar which operated from waterfall's power. Direction: take highway 2196 to km 17, then turn to highway 2325 for 10 km. and turn right to the waterfall.

Tub berg Village

This is Mong's village on the way ro Phu Hin Rong Kla National park, Tub berg, Lom Kao, Petchaboon province. It is the beautiful road trip along mountains with unforgetable landscape.


Phu Hin Rong Kla National park

Phu Hin Rong Kla is a popular destination located along the Phitsanulok and Phetchabun borders and offers exotic scenery, such as Broken rocks field, Knotty rocks field and waterfalls.
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Thung Salaeng Luang National park

The savanna grass field covering some large plants of Pine tree and flowers, including waterfall and cave in the national park. One of the best place of watch birds in Thailand. Uniquely mountain bike route and variety of Pine forest, Savanna field and flowers.


Tung Nang Phaya

It is a savanna grass field, surrounded by mountain pine forest and hill evergreen forest. It is suitable for one day trip or overnight camping. ้

Phu Pha Jit Mountain, Nham Nhao National park

Sunrise of Nham Nhao National park, unforgetable moment to view Phu Pha Jit mountain which is the highest mountain of Nham Nhao National park.


Tad Mok waterfall

The Tat Mok waterfall is a huge waterfall fed by streams flowing down cracks and crevices of the mountains creating a beautiful 12-level fall, well-known as water streaming from the sky.

The monument of King Pha Muang

It is the center of Petchaboon's heart and soul to honour the bravery and merit of King Pha Muang. It is located at the junction of Lom sak district.

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Pha Son Kaew Temple, Buddihst Monastery

Pha Son Kaew Buddhist Monastery is located at Tang Dang village, Camp Son, Khao Kor district, Petchaboon. The monastery is surrounded by overlapping mountains.
At the top of the mountain, there is a cave where some villagers claimed to once witness a crystal ball flew over and disappeared into that cave. The villagers respect the place to be auspicious monastery. More information.


The pagoda of Buddha's relics

The pagoda contains the Buddha's relics which brought from Sri Lanka. The people of Petchaboon are spiritually united to build the place in the occasion of 50th anniversary celebrations of his Majesty's accession to the throne.


Miracle hill

The specific spot on highway 2258 Na Ngua - Sa Dao Pong with the distance of around 10-meter where wonders people with illusion. Give it a try to witness a car, with engine off, moves from lower point to higher point. How amazing it is!


Rai B.N.

Rai B.N. is a private agriculture plantation growing cold-climate crops for tourists who interested in agriculture plantation, fruits and flowers, and non-toxic vegetables throughout the year. ี


Lan Hin Taek, Broken rocks

The area is located 300-meter far from Patcharin base. The broken rocks covering the area about 40 Rai. The cracking lines seem like the land has been pulled apart. Some lines are able to be jumped over, but some lines are not. However, the depth of broken rocks cannot be estimated. It is possibly to be nature caused from movement of earth's plate underground.

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Nham Nhao National park

With the area of 966, the highest mountain is Phu Pha Jit Mountain with height of 1,271 m. over sea-level. The Nam Nao National Park is an immense tract of forest still in perfect condition with pineries, grasslands and virgin jungles.


Khek Bang ra chan

300 meter distance islet along Khek river, is the destination for e-co tourist with the variety of natural species, including rarely found butterflies. Also, the highlight of the area is to experience "Freshwater Jellyfish" found only this place in Thailand during February to April.


Itthi military base, Weapon Museum

In honour of Colonel Itthi Simarak who was big part in the battle to defend Khao Kor from Communist military during 1981. The museum is located before the top of Khao Kor which formerly area of arsenal base. At the present, it has been set up as outdoor museum to present several military weapons.

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