All About Phukaew

All About Phukaew

All About Phukaew is recognize as an authentic homemade souvenir from Phukaew Resort. We provide various products which carefully selected from the finest ingredients with the best quality to ensure the quality of products. We are meticulous in every manufacturing process until we get our beloved products such as Grandma Stew Pork Leg, Hong Kong style Red Roasted Pork, Grilled Pork Neck comes in three flavors, Vietnamese Pork Roll comes in 4 flavors, 8 types of seeds, Homemade Seasoning Sauce comes in 5 flavors, Chamomile Tea, and Chrysanthemum Tea. In addition, all of our products are available online with delivery nationwide.

Food List

  • Grandma’s Recipe

  • A legendary of deliciousness

  • Jelly-like skin

  • Juicy meat

  • So delicious

  • weight 1,000 grams. Price 390 Baht

  • All About Phukaew Stewed Pork Leg

    Food List

  • Hong Kong Style

  • This menu has traditional flavor and

  • capture the essence of Hong Kong

  • Price is 185 Baht for 200g. and 450 Baht for 450 g

  • All About Phukaew Red Roasted Pork

    Food List

  • Our mouth-watering pork

  • Well-marinated

  • Original

  • Price is 180 Baht for 180g. and 420 Baht for 500g.

  • All About Phukaew Grilled Pork Neck.

    Food List

  • Our fresh and clean pork rolls

  • This deliciousness comes in four flavors which are original

  • Chilli and basil

  • Crunchy pork skin

  • Southern-Thai recipe

  • Net weight is 200g. Price is 60 Baht

  • All About Phukaew Vietnamese Pork Roll

    Food List

  • The best tea of all flower tea range

  • Our tea is organic

  • Fragrance

  • Fresh and clean

  • Price is 159 Baht for 35g, price is 159 Baht for 35g

  • All About Phukaew Chamomile Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea Sauce

    Food List

  • The best jarred sauce of your all-time favourites Thai Food

  • Thai spicy stir-fry sauce (220g.)

  • spicy sweet basil sauce (220g.)

  • red curry paste sauce (220g.)

  • Thai spicy salad dressing (290g.)

  • Thai style seafood dipping sauce (270g.)

  • All flavors is 69 Baht

  • All About Phukaew Jarred

    Food List

  • 8 types of best quality seeds

  • 75% germination rate

  • Growing easily and rapidly

  • Prices are 35 Baht for each types

  • All About Phukaew Seeds

    Food List

  • Premium Tea Set

  • Chrysanthemum Tea / Chamomile Tea

  • All About Phukaew

  • 399 Baht

  • Premium Tea Set All About Phukaew

    Extra charcoal 60 baht

    (Choose from pure pork or pure chicken)


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